End Overdose aims to train 20,000 EDC Las Vegas attendees in life-saving overdose response

After a standout campaign at EDC Las Vegas 2023, End Overdose has set a new, ambitious goal to expand their life-saving training and naloxone distribution at this year’s festival.


This leading nonprofit is gearing up to train 20,000 attendees during EDC Las Vegas 2024, held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway from May 17-19. Participants will learn to recognize and respond to overdose situations and receive 20,000 doses of naloxone, an essential life-saving drug.


Building on the success of their 2023 efforts, where they trained 10,000 festival-goers, End Overdose continues to make significant strides in combating the overdose crisis within the dance music community. This initiative highlights the critical need for proactive safety measures at large-scale music events.


The training will cover the signs of an overdose and the step-by-step administration of naloxone, also known as Narcan. This medication can quickly reverse opioid overdoses, often making the difference between life and death.


As EDC Las Vegas 2024 approaches, End Overdose is urging attendees to stop by their booth for the training. Taking a few minutes to learn these life-saving techniques can have profound impacts, aiming to create safer festival environments through education, training, and community support.

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