AlphaTheta unnveils rekordbox 7

AlphaTheta, the parent company of Pioneer DJ, has just unveiled rekordbox 7, the latest iteration of its renowned music organization and performance software. This new release marks a significant overhaul, boasting a complete rebuild from the ground up.


One of the standout features of rekordbox 7 is its enhanced performance, with AlphaTheta claiming a remarkable 56% reduction in CPU processing load and a 38% decrease in power consumption during startup. This version now fully supports Silicon chips on Apple computers, ensuring seamless compatibility across platforms.


Beyond performance improvements, rekordbox 7 introduces a sleeker and more intuitive user interface. The tree view has been streamlined with icons for quick navigation between collections, playlists, and other functions. Additionally, the browser has been optimized for streaming services, offering enhanced music discovery tools such as Beatport Streaming integration, allowing users to explore the latest releases and recommended tracks with ease.


A standout new feature is Streaming Radar, which analyzes music characteristics and recommends similar tracks from streaming platforms like SoundCloud, TIDAL DJ, and Beatport Streaming. This version also introduces Intelligent Cue Creation, enabling automatic cue point generation based on user preferences and crowd-sourced cue information.


Collaborative Playlists allow multiple users to edit and contribute to playlists, facilitating seamless collaboration among subscribers to the same streaming service. However, some of these features are only available to users subscribed to rekordbox’s Creative and Pro tiers, priced at €15 and €30 per month, respectively.


With rekordbox 7, AlphaTheta continues to push the boundaries of DJ software innovation, offering a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to the needs of modern DJs and music enthusiasts alike. For more information on the latest update, visit the official rekordbox website.


In addition to rekordbox 7, AlphaTheta has also recently announced the OMNIS-DUO standalone DJ device, further expanding its portfolio of cutting-edge DJ solutions.

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