Hey Cat Dealers, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. For those of who don’t know yet, you are among the most streamed Brazilian dj producer on Spotity with more than 3M monthly listeners, tell us what impact does Spotify have on your music!

Hi guys! Thank you for having us. Spotify is extremely important for us, it brings us together to our fans, it’s a way of keeping them updated on everything we release. Besides that, it’s also a great platform for people to discover new artists and songs, especially because of the playlists and the music suggestions. So someone who doesn’t know our work, but enjoys the style we produce, can get to know us this way. It is one of the most important stream platforms nowadays, so it’s really great to be doing well in it.

How is the Corona Virus situation in Brazil going? how have clubs, music and night life been affected by the lockdown?

It’s been very complicated. Unfortunately the situation here isn’t the best, lots of lives were lost and now we’re facing a second wave, so it’s been really hard. The events sector has been suffering a lot from this impact, since it’s economy depends a great deal from people getting together. We know that what really matters right now is everyone’s safety and we’re super in favor that everyone who can should stay at home, but we also know that many people are being affected by this reality. Brazil recently started with the vaccination campaign and we know it might take awhile till everyone’s safe, but we’re pretty excited about this, we can’t wait to get our own shot haha.

What has given you the wave of motivation to produce and spend time in the studio during the lockdown?

In the beginning we were pretty focused on being in the studio. Since we usually don’t have much time to produce, to really immerse in it like that, due to our tours, the quarantine was an opportunity for us to do so. We didn’t see this time at home as vacations or anything like that, we wanted to just go to the studio and produce. Because of that, we’ve been producing more than ever, we have plenty of new tracks to release and projects going on.

What track do you think has been your best of 2020 and can you tell us why it’s your favorite?

That’s a hard question, but probably Save Me Now, because it marks a new style for us, something that we are really passionate about and that now we are exploring more.  We believe that this song was a turning point for our sound, going more in a progressive direction, that we love.

Given the lack of touring this year, have you enjoyed spending more time at home and in the studio?

We did! We don’t have much time to just be at home usually, so we really appreciated being with our family and pets and being able to really focus in the studio. But we’re also missing our tours so much. We, as many people too, had no idea this pandemic was going to last so long, so as much as we like just being home and working in our studio, we can’t wait for everything to just go back to normal and we can all meet on the road again.

Are you thinking to start your own imprint sooner or later?

We don’t think so, for now at least. Of course we considered it before, it crossed our mind sometimes, but for now we’re in a really good place and we’re happy with how things are working out. We already have so much to focus on, if that ever comes to life, will probably be in the future.

It has been 2 years since GONE TOO LONG was released. It has been streamed 40MLN time and counting…does it give you goosebumps?

It definitely does. Since the very moment we saw the final result, we were super proud of Gone Too Long. It’s a song that we like to play till today and we love how the fans reacted to it, it’s always one of our most requested tracks, as the numbers show, so we’re really happy that after 2 years since its release, it’s still one of the fans favorite.

What are the pros and cons to be brothers in the music business?

It’s great working with your brother, at least for us, cause we’ve always had a good relationship. It’s nice to have this intimacy, so you’re comfortable to say your opinions and what you’re really thinking about the directions the project’s taking. We miss home a lot during our tours, so it’s also amazing having your brother there to keep you company and understanding what you’re going through, we really support each other. There would be things a lot harder to handle if we didn’t have one another. The cons are probably when we get tired of each other, or when one of us is really annoying the other haha, but I guess that happens with every duo, not only brothers.

Your North American tour has been put on hold due to Covid-19. When has it been postponed?

It was postponed right in the beginning of the pandemic. We were supposed to play several gigs in North America and also Europe last year, including some great festivals such as Tomorrowland. But due to everything that has been going on we had to postpone it. We still don’t have a date for it to come back, especially with everything the way it is, still so uncertain. But we are eager to get back on the road and resume all of this.

Livestream home edition: love it or hate it?

Usually love it, especially when people get to produce a great set, with visuals or just in a great location. We’re committed to produce some very different sets, for example, we recently played a livestream from Tulum, Mexico, for the virtual edition of EDC Orlando and we also played in the Tomorrowland digital festival, Tomorrowland Around The World. Right now we’re residents at Insomniac TV and every Sunday we present a new set created 100% digitally with the same 3D technology as Tomorrowland Around The World, so we’re super excited about it. But we confess that in the beginning of the quarantine there were just too many live streams going on from everybody, we never hated them, but at some point we got a little tired of watching them all.

What has been the most exciting live stream you have seen during the last period?

Probably the one we’ve been most excited about is our 3D livestream for Insomniac. This is something that we’ve been working on for a while and is totally new for us. We really enjoy this kind of stuff, dealing with new technology, studying about it and using it to innovate on our shows. Our gigs are one of our main priorities, we always invest a lot in them and since there’s none going on right now, we’re investing on our lives what we’ll futurelly use on the shows. We really liked the final result, so it was the one livestream that we liked the most.

‘Scars’ feat. Havenn is your latest release on Armada Music. How is the collaboration with the Dutch label going?

It’s been great. We had already worked with them before, but being a signed artist is an  accomplishment for us. We always admired the label, so we were super excited to work with it. Everything has been working out just fine, even being continents apart, the communication is great, which is essential for it to work, so we’re really happy and looking forward to what will come next.

What else is happening next in Cat Dealers world?

As we previously mentioned, we have a lot of new songs to release, since we’re spending so much time in the studio. We’re working on our style and on what we want to show our fans, so we’re pretty excited about that. We wanted to say that we’re ready to come back with our tours, but unfortunately for now we don’t know when it’s really going to happen. So we’re dedicating ourselves to our sets and current residency. But stay tuned on our socials, cause we’re always updating them with news.

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Hey everyone who’s reading this in Climax, go check our music on Spotify! We recently released our new single ‘Scars’ and we’ll soon release new tracks too. Go check our playlist too, Cat House Sessions! Cheers!

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