The epilogue: this is how Daft Punk say goodbye to the fans!

This is the only question that all the music lovers have been asking for days after learning the unexpected news involving the French DJs duo.
On February 22nd, the iconic Daft Punk (Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter) posted an 8-minute video on YouTube to announce the end of their career together.
The epilogue, this is the name of the short film starring the two masked producers: their helmets are the symbols that have forever marked an important era in the history of electronic music.
The most observant have noticed some details that lend to various interpretations and assumptions about the future of the two DJs. In fact, the video opens with Daft Punk who are walking in what would seem a desert, Guy-Manuel (wearing the golden helmet) a few meters ahead of Thomas (his helmet is silver), who tries to reach his friend. At a certain point the two stop and Guy-Manuel turns, joins the other member of the group and activates a timer that is positioned on his back. Thomas begins to walk away from Guy-Manuel and, after exactly 60 seconds, he explodes into a thousand pieces.
A very strong image, a drastic end.
After the explosion, the image you find at the beginning of this article appears and, in the background, you can hear the notes of Touch, an alternative version of a song sung by Paul Williams, featured on the album Random Access Memories.
In the background the rising sun and the surviving member of the duo walking towards this shining light.
“Hold on If love is the answer you hold”: the video ends with these words.

What does it mean? A new beginning? A solo career for Guy-Manuel and Thomas’ final farewell to music?
Since the duo hasn’t given interviews or even explanations regarding their separation the video leaves more doubts than certainties.
All this is even more unexpected if we consider that, in 2020, some rumors were going around about a possible negotiation between Disney and Daft Punk for the creation of the soundtrack of the third episode of the Tron saga.
Not only the US multinational but also a giant of cinema like Dario Argento had asked the French duo to compose the music for his new film.
So, is the end or the beginning of a new chapter?

Eleonora Vologni

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