Dj Joseph Capriati stabbed!

Dj Joseph Capriati stabbed: his father arrested for attempted murder by the Caserta State Police. It’s serious.
Shortly after 10 pm on Friday evening a police team from Caserta, the DJ’s hometown, was called for an injured person who had come to the emergency room with a serious chest wound. When policemen arrived at the hospital, they discovered that the victim of the attacker was the famous dj from Caserta, who had a stab wound on the upper part of his left chest. From the investigations conducted by the agents, it was ascertained that the Joseph had had a violent family quarrel that broke out for futile reasons, at the height of which his father, holding a kitchen knife, had knifed him at the height of the chest, causing him severe injuries.
DJ Joseph Capriati usually lives in Spain but since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, also due to the work stoppage, he had returned to his father’s house. Now Joseph struggles between life and death.


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