Social Gossip! Daniel Wang vs Peggy Gou

Berlin based Dj Daniel Wang wrote tough talk against Peggy Gou on Facebook!

In a long and resentful post, Daniel Wang begins by stating that the world has been fooled by Peggy Gou.

Some parts of the world think she is a talented, attractive, fashionable DJ. This is the biggest, saddest marketing scam ever. Lots of us in Berlin know the truth, but no one had the guts (or authority) to speak up”

Wang recalls multiple occasions when Gou mistreated himself or others, including other neighbours in their building.

“Like a poor dolphin with a metal spike stuck in its fin, I’ve been traumatised by knowing this awful human being.”

Wang also suggests that Gou has a kleptocratic problem and recounts a memory of her stealing records from a record store owned by a mutual friend, one in which Gou was working at the time. Wang alleges that Gou would often say she bought the records, but that the owner said the records would just “go missing”.

Read the full Facebook post here.
Check the full Peggy Gou video answer  here.

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