Cercle unveils ‘Cercle Odyssey’: a revolutionary world tour

Cercle, the innovative and creative event producer and platform, has just announced the largest project in its eight-year history: ‘Cercle Odyssey’ world tour.


Picture yourself inside an enormous concert arena, encircled by gigantic projector screens, some towering up to 12 meters high and stretching 54 meters long. This is the immersive experience Cercle plans to take on a global tour in 2025, seamlessly blending music with ultra-high-definition (8K) visuals on 360° screens.


‘Cercle Odyssey’ world tour will showcase a diverse lineup of artists and musical genres, soon to be revealed. The visual spectacle is being crafted by French director Neels Castillon, co-founder of the creative studio Motion Palace. His captivating videos, inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, will narrate a journey of human connection with nature and the quest to find home.


To enhance the audience’s immersive experience, Cercle’s tour will implement a strict no-phone policy, a growing trend in the electronic music scene. However, the company will provide attendees with a digital folder containing professionally recorded content from the event.


‘Cercle Odyssey’ isn’t just about cutting-edge technology and exquisite music; it also focuses on environmental responsibility. To reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption, Cercle will locally rent sound, lighting, and projector equipment in each city of the tour, opting for 29 projectors instead of transporting large LED screens worldwide.

Pre-registration for Cercle Odyssey is now open here.


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