AlphaTheta Unveils Tokyo DJ Playground

Immerse Yourself in Music, Innovation, and Community at Harajuku’s MIL GALLERY.

AlphaTheta, the innovative counterpart to Pioneer DJ, is gearing up to dazzle Tokyo with the unveiling of its forthcoming pop-up store. Nestled within the vibrant MIL GALLERY in Harajuku, this event promises a unique fusion of music, technology, and artistry.

Spanning a nine-day extravaganza from March 23rd to 31st, the pop-up promises an immersive experience featuring dynamic DJ performances, surprise guest appearances, and a hands-on showcase of AlphaTheta Corporation’s cutting-edge DJ gear. But it doesn’t stop there. Attendees will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the art of DJing through workshops tailored for novices and professionals alike, guided by AlphaTheta’s expert instructors.

As dusk settles, the venue undergoes a metamorphosis into a pulsating dancefloor, hosting electrifying sets by acclaimed DJs such as Kikiorix from Rainbow Disco Club, Kotsu representing the CYK house music collective, the UK-born sensation Frankie $, SAMO from the renowned FULLHOUSE, and N² from the esteemed Kyun Desu.

This pop-up spectacle not only serves as a showcase for Pioneer DJ and AlphaTheta Corporation’s latest innovations, including the state-of-the-art CDJ-3000 player, the premium V10 mixer, the versatile OMNIS-DUO all-in-one unit, and the portable, wireless WAVE-EIGHT DJ speaker but also offers a platform for immersive experiences and community engagement.

For those eager to learn more about AlphaTheta’s pop-up event, a visit to their official website is highly recommended.

January saw the debut of the AlphaTheta brand by AlphaTheta Corporation, the visionary force behind Pioneer DJ, accompanied by a fresh lineup of groundbreaking products. Despite this expansion, the beloved Pioneer DJ brand will continue to operate business as usual, ensuring a seamless transition into a new era of innovation and creativity in the realm of DJ equipment.


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