Alan Walker Soars with “Dreamer” in Response to Twitter Poll

The Norwegian DJ’s latest release is a tribute to his early supporters and a glimpse into what’s to come for his upcoming residency at Zouk Las Vegas.

Alan Walker, the Norwegian producer and DJ, is back with a bang in 2023, dropping his first track of the year – and it’s a banger! His new single, “Dreamer,” is a soaring, melodic progressive house instrumental that is sure to get fans up and moving. And guess what? This track was actually inspired by his fans!

Walker recently posted a poll on Twitter, asking his followers if he should “take it back to the beginning,” and over 90% of them responded with a resounding “YES!” So, in response to his fans’ wishes, “Dreamer” was born – and it’s an instant classic.

To celebrate the release of “Dreamer,” Walker premiered the track in a special Zoom call with a group of lucky fans. And now, the music video is out for all to see. It’s a feel-good, uplifting visual that perfectly captures the spirit of the song.

And that’s not all – Walker has also just announced a residency at Zouk Las Vegas, with his first performance scheduled for May 20 during EDC Weekend. It’s clear that Walker is excited about this new venture, saying, “I’m stoked about this new residency and the possibility of connecting with my fans and the Vegas crowd.”

So, if you’re a fan of Alan Walker’s signature sound, be sure to check out “Dreamer” and catch him live at Zouk Las Vegas. And who knows – maybe you’ll be lucky enough to be on the next Zoom call premiere of one of his tracks!

Rolf Larsen

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