Hey Bhaskar, thanks for taking the time to chat with us!
Congrats! You have been charted #8 in the Top #41 Producers 2020-Brazil, that means that you are one of the most supported Djs of your country. Competition apart, do you think it is important to support each other’s music?

Yeah, really happy about that! It’s really cool to know my music fills up so many great artists sets.

How has your daily routine changed in the last year? What have you been focus on the most?

I’ve got much more productive this year. Before I had time to relay on the show’s money, stuck in a comfort zone. But now I had to reinvent myself, think about ways to connect to my fans and create good content to keep it up, so probably working double than before now! And speaking about music, think I’ve never been so inspired like now. So many cool stuff coming out!

In recent years you have played a key role in the evolution of electronic dance music in Brazil. How can you describe it and what are the main differences between the Brazilian scene and rest of the world?

Brazilian scene has its own personality really clear. In the past we use to copy the foreign DJs, but now I see we created our own style. The main difference in my opinion is that Brazilians are really attached to who you are beside the dj. Sometimes only good music is not enough here, people here are really connected to social media, so it’s really important to have good lifestyle content to engage fans.

Being the son of renowned DJs Swarup and Ekanta, what artistic heritage did they leave you?

My parents showed me it was possible to be a DJ for living. By the time I started, everyone looked at it as a hobby, and they were my references of professionals to always making me believe.

Given the lack of touring this year, have you enjoyed spending more time at home and in the studio?

That was the good part about lockdown. Could spend much more time with my son, which is almost 2 years old, enjoyed my family, and had more time to produce as well.

What are the artists you are listening to at the moment?

I’ve been listening a lot to some Anjuna Deep stuff and tech house in general. John Summit, Harry Romero and Prok & Fitch are my favorites on the moment.

Let’s speak about the project Follow The Sun, now at its 6th edition!

Yeah, “follow the sun” was one of the good things of quarantine. It’s a longset I record or stream during sunrise, in beautiful places around Brazil. I found myself on this project, and my fans also got really engaged with it. Looking forward for the next editions!

What are the pros and cons of working so close to your brother Alok?

I think the bad part is always being associated to him. In the beggining it was harder, but now I think people can really see the uniqueness and differences between us, so that part doesn’t bother me anymore. And the good part is to have such a good producer and artist to work together. I’m a great fan of my brother’s work and career, so it’s always a pleasure to be close to good references.

‘Cartas Para o Jovem DJ’ you give advices to young Djs producers on your YouTube channel, how did you get this idea?

It’s started with the question “What am I doing for the world?”, and I thought I could help a lot of people with my experience and knowledge about music. It’s a really cool feeling, to know you’re helping producers out there!

What has been the most exciting live stream you have recorded during the last period?

It’s hard to choose only one, but I think Follow The Sun 2 in Corumba was the coolest. The place is amazing, played a 6:30 set, at sunrise got really emotional (even cried hahah 🙈)

Armada, Austro, Sony and Controversia are the labels you release the most on. What changes between releasing on a Major and releasing on your own label (Controversia)?

I believe each song has the right label to host it. Some songs are made for majors, and other for specific labels that can push it to the right direction. I’ve been producing different styles of music, so it was good to diversify the labels on each case.

Do you take a different approach when collaborating with someone else rather than working on your own? And what happens when the person you collaborate with is your brother Alok?

It’s really cool to work with other artists, get the best of each one for a track. I think the question always should be “is this collab good for the song in any way?” That’s something I always ask to know if I do it alone or with someone else. About working with Alok, it’s really easy, since we know each other so well. We know where the song should go to get both happy.

What are your upcoming projects?
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I’ve got a few singles scheduled for the next months, with Wankelmut, Moguai and Lucas Estrada. Beside that, working really hard to finish my first album. It’s getting really cool!

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