Cael Bell, The 12-year-old who held a school toilet rave!

The UK’s illegal rave scene has spiked in popularity during lockdown, with gatherings taking place from rural Wales, to London warehouses, to… school bathrooms, apparently. The latter was the venue for a December 11 rave, organised by a 12-year-old boy at St. Antony’s Catholic College in Greater Manchester.

Named Cael Bell, the aspiring (and, TBH, inspirational) DJ invited “all the boys from Year 8” to his underground event over Snapchat. Together, they piled into the boys’ toilets for a lunchtime rave with complimentary bottles of Lucozade and Cadbury Twirls.

However, the rave was pretty short lived, since it was predictably shut down by teachers after 30 minutes. According to Cael’s mum, Louise Bell – who didn’t know her son had arranged the event and only found out once school called – the teachers also seized his equipment, including decks, speakers, and disco lights.

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