Mike Zaloxx


Mike Zaloxx is a Swiss DJ & Producer, he mainly represents the Uplifting Trance genre, his tracks are released on Suanda, Interplay, 2Rock Recordings (Abora), Trancesylvania, Synchronized Musik, Molekular Sounds and more…"Lately" in collaboration with Roman Messer and Jennifer Rene hit the N°1 on Beatport Trance chart and N°1 on Tracklists1001 most played track, with “Saving Night" he reached more than 800.000 streams on Spotify, his tracks are supported by Armin Van Buuren, Ruben De Ronde, Andrew Rayel, Alexander Popov, Roman Messer, Bobina + more and with all his tracks he hit the Beatport Trance Main and Hype chart!
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