“A life without music, is no life.” DJ and Producer Feringtons attitude towards life. Ferington is an upcoming DJ and Producer born and raised in Switzerland. He started his music career in his early twenties. Since he was a child – he knew that music was his passion and always will be. As a teenager he discovered the electronic dance music. After doing his music only at home and at friend’s parties he knew that the time is arrived for the next step. He attended a DJ-school to learn the important technical skills for professional deejaying. He often played the whole night at local bars and smaller clubs, to enhance his skills and making new contacts. The next big step was the contract with the well-known recording studio and label CEAmusic. By reason of the support from CEAmusic it was possible for him, to start working on an international base. The first gigs in other countries, contracts with big labels and collaborations with popular DJ’s and Producer followed. Together they’re creating Feringtons style of music, mainly influenced by UK-piano, deep & tech house. Until now the track- collaboration – “You & I“ – together with the Croatian DJ & Producer duo “Dallerium”, was one of the highlights in his still young career. “You & I was released on the big label “selected.” and reached more than 1’000’000 streams. Mike Williams and many other big names of the scene supported the track also on their radio shows.
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