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DJ Antoine, Switzerland’s most successful music export, conquers the global charts and dancefloors in 2011 with his huge hit single Welcome To St. Tropez, followed by his summer hit Ma Chérie 2k12, which has been sold more than 1 million times. Ma Chérie 2k12 becomes Switzerland’s most successful single of all time. DJ Antoine's impressive awards collection includes 40 Gold, 3 Triple-Gold, 7 Platinum, 5 Double-Platinum, 2 Triple- and 1 Quadruple-Platinum Awards, for album and single sales exceeding 8 million units. The collection is complemented by 3 Swiss Music Awards, MTV Music Awards and Echo nominations. The multi-talented DJ Antoine has 2 million followers on various social media platforms worldwide, more than 600 million YouTube views and more than 130 shows/DJ gigs a year! 2020 was a great year for DJ Antoine with huge releases like the re-make of Tom Novy's "Superstar", his summer hit Kiss Me Hard (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k20 Mix) and a re-make of the Tears for Fears classic Shout (Original Mix). 2021 started with his amazing singles Echo and When You Want Some Love, followed by his dance anthem Wasted (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k21 Mix) and a cooperation with the Belgian producer Dizkodude called Your Eyes. His current singles Bam Bam Bam (Put Your Hands Up [Everybody]), Sex & Sunshine – DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k21 Mix, Glow and Heaven Send Me a DJ (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k21 Mix) are some of the hottest candidates to become the hits of 2021.
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