An unrelenting passion for over 20 years has taken Deetron effortlessly from studio to stage, whether in sweat-filled underground clubs, outdoor festivals or stadium arenas; as an awe-inducing three-deck DJ, a diverse genre-defying producer or industry in-demand remixer collaborator. From Bern, Switzerland with a jazz musician father, Deetron first fell in love with hip-hop during the early nineties, and inspired by local hero DMC champ DJ Djaimin and Jeff Mills, deftly mastered the turntables. Fast forward to today, Deetron’s now formidable ‘human sync button’ is mixing on three decks with second to none – recreating or remixing tracks on the fly, blurring genre boundaries between house, techno and more, while adding his dancefloor-burning trademark touch as he does so. Evident in his landmark mixes for Balance, fabric 76 and the latest DJ-Kicks, Deetron expertly fuses a techno heart with soul, hip-hop to blues and funk elements without missing a pulse. In the studio, his 200-plus strong catalogue of remix work with collaborators as diverse as Ennio Morricone, Todd Terje, Legowelt and Jamiroquai attest to his deep and influential roots in far reaches of the music universe. And like what his own imprint, Character, set out to do, Deetron keeps moving beyond the confines of any particular genre – in and out as quickly as his mixing – while keeping to his sound at its core.
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