Animal Trainer


Adrian Flavor and Samy Jackson are the two men behind Animal Trainer, a dynamic duo which grew up on a diet of the world’s very best electronic music artists in their hometown, Zurich. Driven by passion for the music and an insatiable appetite for the party, they have become two of the hottest properties on the international circuit and represent the epitome of what Switzerland’s new generation of artists has to offer. Raised in a city with arguably the strongest club scene in Switzerland, Animal Trainer made their name through a series of parties called ‘Rakete’, which still take place at the infamous Hive club. It was only a matter of time before the ambitious duo pushed things a step further by injecting their love and passion into creating their own music. In 2008 Animal Trainer dropped their first release, ‘Talkshow’, which was followed by releases with some of the industry’s most influential labels: Poker Flat, mobilee, Einmusika, Katermukke, My Favorite Robot , Freude am Tanzen, Monaberry and their own highly-regarded Hive Audio. 2013 saw the release of Adrian and Samy’s debut full-length album, titled ‘Wide’. Spread across 13 tracks, the LP demonstrated their maturity as artists, focusing on the dance floor, but also incorporating and collaborations with vocalists such as Jan Blomqvist and Jimi Jules. It was a resounding success, with widespread praise and leading publications such as Groove Magazine and Data Transmission with glowing reviews.
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