Aérotique is a Swiss DJ, producer and remixer, who through initial classical piano and percussion training soon realised what fascinated him was the upcoming Berlin tech-house movement, which eventually led to his own active participation. With solid groundwork and having honed his skills as a producer in his chosen home of Aarau, Aérotique’s released his first ever EP in 2013 with the Anglo-Iberian label sinnmusik*. It was still 2013 when Patrick released a collaboration with the Berlin based producer Parra for Cuva. The song and also the EP got huge feedback from the electronic music scene in Berlin. After two years and many different unreleased songs, Patrick decided to return to sinnmusik* with his EP called “The Cloud”. Another two years with various independently released songs followed. Within the last 3 years Patrick has released various singles such as All For You, Drive, Hit The Ground or In My Droptop which all got airplay on different Swiss radio stations. It was also the Swiss main radio station SRF3 who voted Aérotique as ‘Best Talent’ in August 2019. As Patrick is an open-minded person with vivid inspiration, he doesn’t want to be pegged down to one style. His sound is the result of different genres that have influenced him throughout the years with a twist of his own quality and passion.
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