Flava & Stevenson


Platinum for their single „Good Time“, two top 10 singles and four charts-albums. These only are some of the many successes Flava and Stevenson have reached during the last years. Flava aka Yves Lendenmann and Stevenson aka Brian Abeywickreme discovered their interest in music at an early age. They sang together, played instruments and recorded their first productions together. Quickly it became clear that as a double pack they represent an incredibly explosive mix. Flava and Stevenson's DJ-Sets are known for their uniqueness and diversity. They bring their incomparable style into the world's most prestigious clubs. This lead to collaborations with DJ Antoine, Mike Candys, Loona, Haddaway and many more. As brilliant music producers, incredible show acts and successful business men, they have become absolute trendsetters and one cannot imagine the elite of the house scene without them. Flava and Stevenson – this is PURE PASSION!
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