France Plans New Electronic Music Week to Rival ADE and MMW

France is stepping into the limelight of the global electronic music scene with an ambitious new event. Currently, the most prominent electronic music conferences are held in the Netherlands (Amsterdam Dance Event) and the United States (Miami Music Week). However, France is now gearing up to join this prestigious roster.


French President Emmanuel Macron has revealed plans for a “France Electronic Music Week,” aiming to launch as early as 2025. Speaking at the Fête de la Musique on June 21, Macron expressed his vision for a major event that would unite fans, artists, and industry professionals in Paris, alongside concerts and festivals throughout the French capital.


“I believe we need to push further. I would like us to create a grand event similar to those in Miami or Amsterdam. It should allow music professionals to gather, akin to Fashion Week, and feature significant concerts and festivals in the days leading up to it,” Macron told Radio FG.


The President took the opportunity to praise France’s electronic music scene, highlighting the global influence of artists like Jean-Michel Jarre and David Guetta.


As of now, no official confirmation has been issued by the French government. Nonetheless, the potential inauguration of France Electronic Music Week could significantly bolster the global electronic music landscape, further enhancing France’s role in the industry.


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