Hï Ibiza expands No-Phones policy for James Hype and Meduza

Hï Ibiza expands its no-phones policy to include the upcoming Club Room residency of James Hype and Meduza. The world’s top-rated club introduced this policy last month during Damian Lazarus’ residency, aiming to enhance the clubbing experience by eliminating phone distractions.


English DJ and producer James Hype, set to begin his summer residency alongside the Italian trio Meduza, supports this initiative. On June 13th, Hype shared a video on Instagram expressing his enthusiasm for the policy. “I’ve attended several no-phones events recently, and it transforms the vibe entirely. In an intimate, dark setting like the Club Room, without big screens, it makes perfect sense,” he explained. He encouraged attendees to embrace the atmosphere and leave their phones behind every Friday night.


Hï Ibiza’s decision to expand this policy aligns with a growing trend among clubs worldwide, including venues like Nowadays in New York and London’s fabric and Fold, which have implemented similar rules to maintain an immersive environment.


This move reflects a broader sentiment among club-goers. A 2018 survey showed that 70% of them dislike the presence of phones on the dancefloor. As Hï Ibiza continues to innovate and set trends in the clubbing scene, its no-phones policy is poised to redefine nightlife experiences for the better. Tickets for Hï Ibiza are available now. 


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